UK refugee passport holders


Frequently Asked Questions

Question A:
I hold a UK travel document (Convention of 28 July 1951) or a passport from a country in the  Red list and I’m planning to visit Senegal. How can I apply for a Senegalese visa?
There are two options available to you.
Option 1: Application lodged in London.
Submit your application to the Senegalese embassy and wait for the visa to be approved by the authorities in Dakar (waiting time 4 months minimum).
Option 2: Application lodged in Senegal.
Ask your friend/relative/host in Senegal to submit an in-country (only someone currently residing in Senegal can do this method) visa application for you.

Question B:
What is the procedure for option 1?
Fill out a visa application form and send it to the Senegalese Embassy in London by email or post.

Question C:
Are there any supporting documents to include in my application?
Yes, here are required documents (No WhatsApp pictures will be accepted):

  •         1 scan of your travel document
  •         1 letter of invitation from someone you know in Senegal (with full name, full address, email address and telephone number)  
  •         1 passport size photo (to be glued to the form before scanning) 

Question D:
What happens next after I apply using option 1?
Your application will be forwarded to the Dakar Central Visa office in Dakar, Senegal for processing and could take some time to complete (around 4 months or more). 

Question E:
What is the procedure for option 2?
You will need to send to your contact in Senegal a copy of your passport which they will take along with an invitation letter written by themselves and a copy of their Senegalese ID to the Ministry of Interior in Dakar and apply on your behalf. Usually after two weeks, a telephone interview will be conducted between your contact and officials at the Ministry of Interior in Dakar. If the interview is satisfactory, a letter will be issued to your contact in Senegal with the instructions that a visa will be stamped on your passport upon arriving at Dakar Blaise Diagne airport. Your contact in Senegal should send you a scan copy of this letter as soon as they receive it.

Question F:
What are the contact details of the Dakar Central Visa office?
Here are the contact details of the Dakar Visa Office where only in-country visa applications should be submitted.
Direction de la surveillance du territoire
Ministère de l’Intérieur
Cite de la police
Avenue Malick Sy
BP 4002
Dakar – Senegal
TEL: 00 221 33 889 37 55

Question G:
Is there a fee to pay?
No, all visa application should be free of charge

Question H:
I also hold a valid Gambian passport; do I still need a visa?
Not if you are using your Gambian passport

Question I:
I also hold another passport; do I still need a visa?
Check the visa country category list to see whether you are required to apply for a Senegalese visa or not.

Question J:
I have already purchased an airline ticket and need to travel to Senegal urgently; how can I be issued a fast track Senegalese visa?
We do not have a premium visa service now therefore all applications will have a long lead time.

Question K:
Are there any requirements for Covid-19 test or travel restrictions?
A negative Covid-19 certificate is compulsory for all travel to Senegal. Please visit the main visa page where more information can be found on Covid-19.

Question L:
I still have questions that are not answered here, how can I get more information?
You can contact the visa office of the Embassy by email at