Covid-19 information

YOU ARE EXEMPT from PCR negative test if you are double vaccinated

YOU ARE EXEMPT from Special authorisation to board a flight to Senegal if your country doesn’t apply Covid-19 restrictions on Senegalese nationals

British, EU and ECOWAS Nationals are no longer subject to Pandemic entry restrictions into Senegal. No letter of support for travel from the Senegalese embassy in London is required.

Double vaccinated travelers to Senegal are also exempt from providing a negative PCR COVID-19 test for entry.


Other countries’ nationals that have put pandemic restrictions on Senegalese nationals will still need to apply for a letter of support from the Embassy of Senegal in London to show the airline company that the passenger is allowed to enter Senegal. Please check for the latest Senegal travel updates before making any travel arrangements and request a Special Boarding Authorization if your nationality doesn’t fall in the exempt categories. See our travel update page for more information on the application process.

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